Public Deliverables:

WP1: Current and comprehensive understanding of in situ ocean observing systems and EU legislation

  • D1.1 Review on the available methodological standards and gaps to be covered in order to meet the MSFD requirements. Delivery Date: August 2014
  • D1.2 Report on how current and future monitoring efforts related to eutrophication, marine litter, contaminants and noise address MSFD needs effectively and efficiently. Delivery Date: August 2014
  • D1.3 Possibilities of integration of monitoring requirements by other EU and national legislation. Delivery Date: August 2014
  • D1.4 Review of existing and operable observing systems and sensors. Delivery Date: August 2014

 WP2: Integrated basis for cost-effective censors development

  • D2.1 Analysis of relevant technical issues and deficiencies of the existing sensors and related initiatives currently set and working in marine environment. New                         generation technologies for cost-effect. Delivery Date: August 2014
  • D2.2 Procedures of sensors deployment methodology on physical supports/platforms. Delivery Date: June 2014
  • D2.4 Sensor monitoring strategy. Delivery Date: February 2015

WP3: Common Sensor Web Platform

  • D3.1 Common Sensor Web Platform Strategy and Architecture. Sensor Data Acquisition. Delivery Date: December 2014
  • D3.2 Sensor Data Management Module, including Sensor Data Management Module Specification. Delivery Date: October 2015
  • D3.3 Sensor Data Processing and Conversion Tools, semantic framework and standard sensor web service. Delivery Date: February 2016
  • D3.4 Sensor Web Platform Testing and Evaluation Report. Delivery Date: April 2016

WP9: Field Testing

  • D9.2 Field testing, Validation and Optimization report. Delivery Date: December 2016

WP10: Dissemination and Knowledge Management


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