Full scale production of KONGSBERG Seaglider begins

Kongsberg Maritime subsidiary Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc. (KUTI) has started full scale production of the innovative KONGSBERG Seagliderâ„¢ Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) from a new fabrication centre at its facility in Lynnwood, Washington

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Lugworms harmed by marine microplastic pollution

Microplastic pollution impairs the heath of the marine worms that help maintain sediments for other creatures, new research suggests. This study shows that the energy reserves of lugworms living in sediment contaminated with microplastic particles were reduced by up to 50%.

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A New Kind Of Antifoulant

AML Oceanographic has developed a novel UV-based antifouling technology for use on virtually any submerged surface. The performance of the system in reducing fouling induced measurement error on in-situ conductivity cells is comparable to the leading chemical-based system, as demonstrated in a described trial.

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