The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (founded in 1959) is the only Faculty within the St Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje covering the educational process and scientific research work in the field of technology and polymer materials in Macedonia. FTM consists of six departments, with over 100 employees and 30 post-graduate students (each year). Faculty staff of Department of Polymer Engineering are highly educated and specialised in the field of polymer composite materials and they are most competent to create and deliver the project tasks. The Polymer Department has also established cooperation with industrial partners in Macedonia, as well as several international projects with EU countries. The laboratories of FTM are equipped with an X-ray diffraction unit (wide angle), differential scanning calorimetry, a thermogravimetric analyser, a dynamo-mechanical and thermal analyser, a scanning electron microscope, optical microscopes, a bending tester, a elipsometer, a high pressure-liquid chromatography and inverse gas chromatography device and an impedance meter. Website: www.ukim.edu.mk

Contact person: Anita Grozdanov (anita@tmf.ukim.edu.mk)

Role of FTM-UCM in COMMON SENSE: FRM-UCM is in charge of the methodology and prototype design (nanosensors pH and pCO2).

Profile of staff engaged in the project:
Anita Grozdanov: MSc Faculty of Technology and metallurgy. At present, she works as a member of the Macedonian Section of Macromolecules - European Society of Composite Materials. She was the exploitation manager of the project: Eco-houses based on eco-friendly polymer construction composite materials (FP6, INCO-CT-2004- 509185). She will be responsible for administrative, legal and financial aspects relating to this entity in the project and the assigned technical tasks.

Dr Aleksandar Dimitrov: PhD, Full Professor and Dean of the FTM. He has completed four FP6 projects in the field of environment and waste water treatment from the metallurgy. At present, he is actively involved in production of carbon based nanomaterials. He will work on production of carbon-based nanostructures for sensors.

Dr Perica Paunovic: PhD, Associate professor at the Department of Extractive Metallurgy at FTM. He has completed several national and bilateral projects in electrochemistry. He has a great experience in synthesis and application of TiO2-based nanostructures and their applications. He will work on electrochemically produced sensors.

Dr Igor Jordanov: PhD assistant professor at the Department of Textile Engineering at FTM. He has experienced in application of enzymes in modification textile materials for various applications. He will work on nanofiber based sensors.


EC flag The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 /2007-2013) under grant agreement no 614155. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which maybe made of the information contained therein.