The Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Science, (IOPAN) is the largest Polish institution for marine research. Established in 1951, it is an RTD institution financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Its mission is to generate knowledge to support sustainable use and protection of the marine environment through innovative and high level scientific and technological research. The Institute has five departments: Marine Chemistry and Biochemistry, Marine Physics, Physical Oceanography, Genetics and Marine Biotechnology, and Marine Ecology. IOPAN operates its own research vessel s/y Oceania. IOPAN has about 180 employees, runs PhD studies and has full academic accreditation to award PhD and DSc degrees in the field of Earth Sciences. IOPAN is actively involved in international research cooperation in European Arctic and Baltic through numerous externally funded projects. Website:

Contact person: Joanna Piwowarczyk (

Role of IOPAN in the COMMON SENSE project:

    • Review of current national monitoring efforts.
    • Understanding effectiveness and efficiency for future monitoring as well as interoperability with existing observing systems and compatibility with standard requirements.
    • Developing algorithms for signal processing and noise sources classification.


Profile of staff engaged in the project:
Slawomir Sagan, PhD, Assoc. Prof. IOPAN. Oceanographer specialising in marine optics and relations between water optical properties in context of the quality of remote sensing of the ocean colour. Took part in more than 40 scientific expeditions on the Baltic Sea, Arctic and Atlantic. Head of Optical Oceanography Laboratory at IOPAN (1995-2001), IOPAN Research Coordination Manager and International Cooperation Manager (2004-2009). Polish representative to ESF European Marine Board since 2009, expert in EC DG Research and DG Mare for Marine Research Infrastructure (2009-2012). He will be the person in charge of scientific and technical aspects for the tasks assigned.

Karolina Olejniczak: She holds BSc in International Business Relations, and has worked in IOPAN since 2010 as a Financial Specialist for research projects. She has extensive experience with administrative and financial reporting and budget issues of EU-funded projects.

Zygmunt Klusek, Professor, the Head of the Marine Physics Department in IOPAN. Specialist in research and numerical modelling of propagation of sound in the sea, with a special interest in ambient sea noise, bottom reverberation and bottom classification.

Marcin Wichorowski, MSc, computer science engineer, head of the IT Department and project manager at IOPAN. Coordinator of the Integrated Ocean Data Information System (ZSPDO) project; participating in projects as InterRisk, ECOOP, Alkekonge, Habitat Mapping, SeaDataNet 2, Eurofleets. Member of the ICES WGDIM and BOOS STG.

Piotr Kowalczuk, PhD, Assoc. Prof. IOPAN, specialist in marine optics and the chemistry of dissolved organic matter. Dr Kowalczuk has participated in number of RTD projects funded by national and international sources (e.g FerryBox, EUROFLEETS).

Miroslaw Darecki, PhD, a postdoc at the NOC in Southampton ,UK (1998-2001), visiting scientist at Scripps Oceanographic Institution, USA (2002-2004). Head of the Remote Sensing Laboratory at IOPAN since 2007.


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