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SubCtech is a German manufacturer, maker of the OceanPack ship based measurement systems used for scientific research and industrial monitoring of water quality and oceanographic parameters. The OceanPack technology and SmartDI® data management system are based on 25 years of experience in scientific and industrial measuring systems and networks. It uses unique technology, is easy to maintain and has been built for the ocean’s roughest conditions. This makes the OceanPack perfect for expedition and racing sailing yachts. SubCtech also excels in ROV and subsea battery (subsea Li-Ion and Li-Pol PowerPacks) technology. The company also supports environmental and ocean science projects as well as emerging young scientists. Website:

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Role of SubCTech in COMMON SENSE: SubCTech is in charge of the integration into modular sensor arrays and into the selected maritime platforms

Staff profiles involved in the project:
Stefan Marx: Dipl.-Phy. Stefan is the founder and CEO of SubCtech GmbH. After completing a postgraduate degree in Applied Physics, Astrophysics and Oceanography at the University of Kiel, he has worked on several R&D projects in leading roles (including EU-417 MERMAiD, MARNET (BSH), EU-FerryBox). He has 25 years of experience working for advanced technology companies both locally and internationally, performing in subsea, offshore and marine environments. After working for six years as the offshore scientist at the HZG (former GKSS) research centre, he was the branch manager of a German company for oceanographic equipment such as FerryBox. In 2006 he kicked-off his first company for the offshore oil and gas business, and in 2010 SubCtech was founded to specialise in subsea power, underwater vehicles and environmental monitoring systems. In the last 15 years Stefan has been working as an expert freelancer and reviewer for e.g. the EU, NATO, offshore companies or research institutes.

Saskia Heckmann BSc: Saskia has been the chief project manager at SubCtech GmbH for two years and is responsible for different national and international projects. In 2011 she finished her degree with a major in marine measurement technologies at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven. She wrote her final thesis in cooperation with the company SubCtech on developing a measurement system for marine application. For this development she received the award for outstanding study achievements from the association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE). Saskia is working as the chief project engineer and product manager for pCO2 and aquaculture systems in SubCtech and is responsible for the Quality Management to achieve ISO 9001 as well.


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