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The Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB), is the result of a strong connection and commitment of the city of Barcelona to the values of the sea and to environmental protection as a whole. Created in 2005, the FNOB is a non-profit organisation, focusing its activity on four strategic areas; the sport of ocean sailing, education, science and R+D+i. Website: www.fnob.org

Through the sport of ocean sailing, the FNOB promotes research and development and the study and use of renewable energies, education and the protection of oceans with a serious commitment to the environment and science thanks to the close collaboration with organisations such as the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO). 

The FNOB organises the Barcelona World Race (a two crew, nonstop extreme sailing around the world race), its first edition was held in 2007/08, the second in 2010/11 and last December 2014 saw the departure of the third edition of the race. 

The Barcelona World Race, is an ISAF (International Sailing Federation) major event and part of the IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship circuit. This contributes to a strong backing and reinforces the communication side of the event in terms of international distribution,TV and media coverage worldwide.

In its third edition The Barcelona World Race 2014-2015 has integrated some novelties, notably aspects of sustainability and active contribution to environmental studies and research:

  • Focus on zero emissions: mandatory use of hydro generators on participating boats.
  • Promotion of greater scientific value: this edition of the race incorporates four different oceanographic projects: 
  1. Argo floats: dynamics of water masses and physical characteristics
  2. Citclops app: environmental and biological quality of surface seawaters
  3. New edition of the tracking of Surface Temperature and Salinity levels
  4. Contamination of the waters by microplastics

More info: www.barcelonaworldrace.org/en/science/oceanographic-observatory

• Promotion of educational projects and knowledge.
• Promotion of research and development projects for the creation of energy studies.
• Promotion of technological projects.

 The Barcelona World Race and its skippers sail almost all of the world’s macroclimatic zones (a total of 12 during three months approximate duration of the race). Website: www.barcelonaworldrace.org. The skippers are the ambassadors that represent the sport of ocean sailing and help to contribute to the environment through the data they collect during the race and later donate to the scientific community and projects.

 Contact person: Rosina Motilla rmotilla@fnob.org / Lucia Cuesta lcuesta@fnob.org

Role of the Barcelona World Race / FNOB in the Common Sense Project: The FNOB is involved in WP2 (Sensors development), WP6 (Sensors for in-situ monitoring of Microplastics), develops field testing activities in WP9 (Field Testing) and has a strong participation in Dissemination activities (WP10 - Dissemination and Knowledge Management). FNOB, as well as the other partners, also contribute to WP11 (Coordination and Management) as an involved partner.

Profile of staff engaged in the project:

Rosina Motilla: Operations and facilities manager. Supports and controls the logistics and services of all production processes and monitors the designing and implementation of requirements for both sailing events. She is directly involved in the FNOB’s integrated management system for ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001| ISO 20121 certifications.

Lucia Cuesta: Environmental Projects. MSc. in Environmental Science and Master in Coastal Management. She has over 10 years experience in environmental projects related to coastal areas and has cooperated with FNOB’s environmental projects with publications and cooperating with the 2nd International Ocean Research Conference organisation and other investigation projects led by FNOB. 

Mireia Cornudella: FNOB Special Events Project Manager. MSc. Industrial Engineer, specialized in electronics. Over 20 years experience in Sailing events and organisations such as sail training at the Centre Municipal de Vela de Barcelona as head of studies and presently ocean sailing education and dissemination of the Barcelona World Race values.

Javier Villalonga: TV Producer graduated in Image & Media Sciences, in UK. Over 10 years experience in the nautical sector as sailing teams manager. He is the FNOB’s ocean sailing base manager. He will be the person in charge of scientific and technical aspects for the tasks designated.

Maria Godoy: Marketing-Corporate Identity and Image. With over 15 years experience in event management and the production side of events. Focusing on the promotion of the regatta and the FNOB and all related side events. A strong focus on production and liaising with the graphic design studio, communication and publicity campaigns, merchandising. Liaising with sponsors; hospitality and events, docking and prize giving ceremonies. 

Pepa Roig: Financial Manager. MSc. in Administration and Business Management. Responsible for budgets, funding, administrative legal and financial side of the project.

EC flag The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 /2007-2013) under grant agreement no 614155. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which maybe made of the information contained therein.